Аbout us

Welcome to our General Education Centre “International Lyceum Mykhail”, kindergarten.

The best development opportunities are one of the most valuable things parents can give to their child, and we understand that.

We offer the complete educational cycle: kindergarten—school. The educational levels are logically connected and transition flexibly into one another, allows children to continue their development based on their knowledge and skills gained at the previous level.

Our teaching team is 95 specialists and enthusiasts, real masters of their craft.

In our centre, we have created a positive and family-like environment where every child can get comprehensive support to unlock their potential and talents and succeed in the present-day world.

But to fully understand what our education centre can offer, you should definitely come visit us.

See you soon!

  • About the Centre

We are experienced and keep learning day by day

The General Education Centre“International lyceum Mykhail”, kindergarten is a private educational institution with over 18 years of history.

Based in Kyiv, the Centre was founded in 2003 by a group of parents and pre-school teachers who dreamt of providing the alternative education of the European level to children (licence series AB No. 581944 issued by the Main Department of Education and Science of the Kyiv Regional State Administration in 2012).

We keep growing and developing!

As of 2021 academic year, 457 children attend the Complex.

The teaching team of the school is 95 specialists and enthusiasts, real masters of their craft. In our centre, we create a positive and family-like atmosphere.

Children here get comprehensive support to unlock their potential and talents and to succeed in the present-day world.

Unique curriculums

Our curriculums combine contemporary Ukrainian national standards with leading World curriculums and our original practices.

In our lyceum, we have in-depth English studies, math, lessons on business fundamentals and computer technologies.

The second foreign language, German, is added in the first year of study.

Our graduates get nationally recognised certificates: Certificate of Basic General Secondary Education in the 9th form, and the Certificate of Complete General Secondary Education in the 12th one.

  • Structure of the Education Centre
  • Kindergarten

Children aged 3,5 to 6 are admitted to the kindergarten.

To each group, two pre-school teachers, English teacher and two assistants are assigned. Children have five meals a day.

The menu is as versatile as possible and perfectly balanced for a pre-school child, which allows children to receive all vital nutrients, vitamins, macro- and microelements.

The educational process in the kindergarten is based on the curriculum that incorporates the latest standards of state pre-schooling in Ukraine, the best curriculums from Finland, Germany, Austria and Great Britain, and other European countries, as well as original methodologies developed by the lead specialists of our kindergarten. English is taught per the Cambridge English Curriculum for pre-school children.

  • Primary School (Forms 1–4)

Children aged six and more are admitted to the primary school.

Every class has up to 16 pupils, with two teachers. Primary school classrooms are divided into activity areas for study, play, informative, arts and creativity, and leisure.

The educational process is based on of the new curriculum that takes into consideration the specifics of the primary school pupils’ age.

The school has an advanced Cambridge English curriculum . The main academic form is a lesson. To improve pupils’ knowledge, their achievements and cognitive activity, Mathematic, Science, Literature lessons are taught in English.

The second foreign language, German, is introduced in the 1st year of study.

Contemporary education aims to give children not only the necessary knowledge but also a sufficient level of life competence for the child to fulfil its potential. The original Entrepreneurship and Business Fundamentals and Programming Fundamentals programs are integrated into the main curriculum—children are taught while playing starting from the 1st form.

  • Secondary School (Forms 5–9)

Modern educational technologies

Modern technology is actively used in the educational process to improve its quality and efficiently use the academic time in the secondary school: learning while playing; information and communication learning; interactive education; learning while cooperating; problem-based learning; blended learning; project learning; models of group creative cases; module and block learning; case methods etc. During such learning process, a teacher is assigned the role of developer, coordinator, expert, and advisor.

At the end of their studies, pupils in the 9th form pass the final state examination.

  • Senior School (Forms 10-12)

Specialised education

Pupils pick their specialisation with account for their interests, needs, and vocation and expand and deepen their knowledge of the subjects selected. It gives pupils a chance to get oriented at a certain type of their future professional activity.

Areas of specialised education:

1. Natural Science and Mathematics (profiles: Physics and Mathematics, Mathematics, Physics, Ecology, Biology and Chemistry, Biology and Physics, Biology and Geography, Physics, and Chemistry).

2. Social and Humanitarian Studies (profiles: History, Law, Philosophy, and Economy).

3. Languages (profiles: Ukrainian, Foreign Languages, History, and Languages).

4. Technology (profiles: Technology, Information Technology).

5. Arts and Aesthetics (profile: Arts and Aesthetics).

External Independent Testing

Our teaching team aims to comprehensively and thoroughly prepare graduates to External Independent Testing for them to achieve the best results.

  • Clubs

Club activity

In the afternoon, after the lessons, pupils are given an opportunity to relax and join different clubs:

- Art clubs

- Sports clubs

- Language clubs

- Technologies

- Etc.