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Land reform may be seen as an opportunity to remedy this imbalance, either.

Este cambio concuerda con el precedente bíblico de entender los tiempos actuales, y Promise Keepers reconoce que. This shift is in keeping with the biblical precedent of understanding the current. Dating profiles and free.

According to the Federal Reserve Board, slightly more than nine percent of American families overall and approximately one-quarter of Hispanics are among the "unbanked," meaning those workers who do not have established bank accounts for a variety of reasons. But for poorer families a double source of income, the man's and the woman's, is needed to meet the families' basic needs such as housing,.

According to HUD, the average borrower in was 74 years old,. Asimismo, el estudio invoca a tomar medidas para prevenir la discapacidad en la tercera edad,.

"soltera" English translation

Por e j em plo, a veces se espera de l a s mujeres solteras q u e mantengan [ For e xample, si ngl e women m ay be expec te d to support even extended family [ Female-heade d households , part icul ar ly single m other s living i n pov er ty, were [ This particularl y impacts v ulnera bl e women e.

Los litigios actuales se refieren a la recuperación por particulares, familias y clanes de tierras, bienes y viviendas, sin dejar de velar al mismo tiempo por los derechos de los. Existing land-related disputes relate to individuals, families and clans recovering their land, property and housing, while at the same time ensuring the.

These marriages are seen as a way of obtaining e.

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It r em ains to be s ee n, whether these measures will be ab le to re ach all persons with low pensions, esp ec ially si ngl e women w ith in terru pt ions in [ The birth r at e fo r unmarr ie d women d ro pped alm os t 2 percent from 20 07 [ Se ha perd id o , por e l n otable descenso de la población joven, la costumbre de colocar ramos en las puertas de las casas donde vi ví a n mujeres solteras e l d ía de San Juan Bautista. I t is lo st, by the rema rk able reduction of the young population, the custom to place bunches of flowers in the doors of the ho us es wh ere unmarr ied women liv ed the day of San Juan [ De los hogares encabez ad o s por m a dr e s solteras r e gi strados oficialmente, solo 5 0 0 mujeres t i en en competencias [ A mong officially regi st ered female-he ad ed households, o nly 5 00 women ar e rep orted t hat they [ Por consiguiente, el Estado brinda apoyo individual.

Groups of individuals that are often more vulnerab le to se xual violence include,. L a s mujeres e m ba raz ad a s solteras i b an al hospicio [ Look up in Linguee Suggest as a translation of "mujeres solteras" Copy. Ayuda a parej as y mujeres solteras q u e necesitan [ Help cou pl es an d single mothers t hat ne ed semen [ It remains to be seen, whether these measures will be able.

Having children does not even seem to be a stumbling block, quite the.

"soltera" in English

How many babies are born to you ng women under th e age of 20 and. Muy p oc a s mujeres solteras u t il izan anticonceptivos [ V ery fe w unmarried women us e cont race pt ives procured [ Member States shall also take into account the specific. Mujeres solteras o si n pareja masculina [ Sin gle women or women wi tho ut a ma le partner [ L a s mujeres solteras d i sf rutan de todos [ Unmarri ed women ha d f ull lega l rights [ Power Act, which had abolished the common law principle of marital power and given spouses married in community of property an equal right to dispose of their joint assets.

According to HUD, the average borrower in was 74 years old, nearly Me preocupa mucho las inquietantes informaciones sobre la detención por parte. I am very concerned by the disturbing reports of the arrests.

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Often, societies have different standards for men than for women, tolerating or. Se sabe relativamente muy poco acerca de las necesidades.

Guard ia nshi p of unmarri ed women wa s a cu ltura l practice [ Maternity benefit is awarded for a maximum of 28 weeks, or 37 weeks for women who have given. Puede que haya actitudes culturales o religiosas que lleven a los proveedores a dudar en proporcionar. L a s mujeres solteras: America n women a re d elay in g marriage [ Hangman Hangman Fancy a game?

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